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Add Value to Your Home With These Improvements

Home improvements can be time consuming and expensive so it’s important that you make changes that improve your quality of life in your home as well as adding value when the time comes to sell.

Experts at the Luxury Property Show have outlined the six best home improvements that will help you to add value and appeal to your home.

Working from home

Since the pandemic, many more people have been working from home. At the start of lockdown, all but essential workers were home-based along with children being home schooled, but this has continued as many companies have realised the benefits of allowing staff to work from home on a full or part time basis. If your property has space for a home office, it can push up the value. This could be a room in the home, a dedicated area or even a garden office.

Rather than a converted shed, having a purpose-built home office with electricity, WiFi and even plumbing in the garden can add value to your home. The great thing about adding a home office in the garden is that unlike a sunroom or extension, planning permission isn’t required, making it cost effective.

Pet friendly homes

Another side effect of the pandemic was the increase in homes with pets as an estimated 3.2 million people added a furry friend to their family. Adding a cat flap, cleaning area for dogs or having a dedicated pet room/area can also add value to your home. In addition, a wildlife-friendly garden gives your home added appeal, so consider using bird feeders and baths, wildflowers or even a pond.

Convert a cellar

If you have a cellar in your home, consider transforming this into another room. Either a wine cellar, games room or home office if space allows. This is a great way to make a room out of an unused area of your home. If you are a wine connoisseur, you could really push the boat out and invest in a a purpose-built, climate-controlled wine cellar especially if your home lends itself to entertaining, with large and attractive dining rooms and terraced gardens.

Walk in wardrobe and dressing room

Having a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room is a real luxury – and adds huge appeal to potential buyers. Seeing clothes beautifully presented rather than stuffed into drawers gives your upper floor the ‘wow’ factor. It’s likely to appeal to the female buyer – traditionally the final decision-maker in property purchases.

A beautiful bathroom

A well-designed, beautiful bathroom will always add value to a home – either traditional or high-tech features will add appeal to your home and boost the price that buyers will be willing to pay. For those going high-tech, consider mood lighting, a built in TV or entertainment system and touchless technology for touchless cleaning and controls. If you’re going traditional, choose copper or brass fixtures and fittings and traditional tiles.

Keeping the property secure

A modern security system can prevent burglaries. Cctv and doorbell cameras will enable you to keep an eye on your property while out, and you could even consider the latest thermal imaging technology that recognises the difference between a badger and a burglar to reduce any false alarms.

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