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Choosing the Right Flowers for your Home

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Although the days are getting longer and spring days lie ahead, we still have cold and wet days here in Scotland. However, there is a great way to bring some springtime vibes into your home with freshly cut flowers.  

Having elements of nature in your home not only looks and smells great, but it can reduce stress and boost your mood. What’s more, with March an exceptionally busy time to sell your home, it can also make your home seem bright, warm and welcoming to potential buyers, especially if you choose the right flowers.  

But having flowers outside is just as important when selling your home, so try to make sure your garden is in bloom with daffodils, crocuses and irises in your garden to make it seem bright, welcoming and sunny. 

Here’s a roundup of the best flowers to put in your home: 



Lilies are one of the most popular species of flower and you only need a couple of stems to make a big impact. There are lots of different types of lilies that look great either on their own or as part of a larger floral arrangement.  

Make sure you cut the pollen when the flower is in bloom to avoid staining furniture and clothing, and they can be poisonous to cats – so you could consider a pollen-free variety. If you are cutting flowers fresh from the garden, it’s important to leave at least a third of the stem so that you can feed the bulb for the following year.  



Sunflowers make a significant impact inside and outside of the home. They are easy to grow in the garden; sow your sunflower seeds into the ground and water them regularly – using support if they get too tall. When cutting them fresh, ensure they are fully open and cut them early morning or evening when it’s cooler. You can use some flowers to fill out the bouquet. 



For a blaze of colour in the garden, plant lots of tulip bulbs allowing you to cut some to put into the home. Tulips are a great flower to buy as they are colourful and plentiful. Ensure that cut tulips are topped with fresh water every other day, as they tend to be thirsty. Combine tulips with different varieties of daffodils for a bunch of spring flowers.  



Gladioli is a tall, flamboyant flower which can add drama and height to your flower arrangement. If you are cutting them yourself, cut them as soon as the lowest two or three buds start to open, but try to leave some to feed the bulb for the following year.  



Roses are a beautiful classic flower for your home, either on their own or as part of a bouquet. Available in various sizes and colours, they look beautiful in the garden and are cut for inside your home. Choose a variety that has a beautiful form and long stems. When growing them in the garden, remove any poorly placed flower buds to direct energy into the best blooms and cut back the stems for the following year at the end of the season in autumn.  



Peonies are arguably among the most beautiful flowers you can place in your home. They are large, beautiful and calming. You only need a few stems to create a stunning flower arrangement. When cutting from the garden, take just a few blooms from each plant and ensure they are over three years old; otherwise, the plant can be less fruitful further down the line.  

Peonies are herbaceous plants, so they need to be handled with care when they are cut – some species can be cut just before they are open but without doing it too early.  


Sweet pea 

Sweet peas are popular with those who grow flowers in the garden because they can be cut without worrying about the flowers blooming again. They have long robust stems and smell beautiful.  

 There are many colours to choose from, and they look stunning when you have the full mix of hues in one bunch. The best-scented sweet pea is the Grandiflora variety, ideal for regular picking when grown in the garden. They are also ideal for growing up your garden trellis or obelisk. When you cut them, make sure the lowest bloom is opening and put them in water immediately for a longer life. 


Soft furnishings 

As well as freshly cut flowers, an easy way to introduce a floral vibe seamlessly into your home is in cushion covers, sofa coverings, rugs and curtains. As well as flowers, houseplants can make your home feel much more organic and natural especially if you choose large plants with statement leaves and combine interesting shapes.   

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