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Spring Interior Design Trends – What’s on Everyone’s Wall this Spring?

Spring is definitely in the air. The days are longer, the sun has started to shine, and warmer days are just around the corner. With sunlight streaming into our homes, we are looking at our décor with fresh eyes and thinking about making our homes more comfortable, attractive and on-trend.

To bring you a roundup, we look at the latest home décor trends according to Pinterest and interior style guides.

Colour is King

When it comes to interior design, colour is the best place to start. For many years, most homes we went into were different shades of grey; homeowners opted for a calming neutral palette from cool tones to warmer hues.

Things are a little different now. People are not only going for bold, dark colours on their walls but also looking at how to complement these colours, creating a striking contrast. Trendy at present are dark navy, green or charcoal walls paired with deep pink, yellow, aqua and orange tones. Furniture has gone from beige linen to sea green, yellow or orange velvet tones paired with natural seagrass rugs and wooden flooring. Pairing colours like blue and orange or green and pink gives your home a vibrant, modern look that is also calming and cosy.

Combining patterns

Check and gingham are also seeing a resurgence in interior design. They have a vintage appeal and can be introduced into your home in various ways – from curtains and blinds to accent chairs and cushions. Check patterns are a great way to bring some personality into the home without making too much of a statement. Consider pastel tones for springtime, including pale green, pink and soft yellow.


This year, cosy maximalism is another emerging trend following bold colours and statement furniture. Atmospheric lighting combined with abundant natural plants, flowers, bold patterns, and wall artwork is a great way to embrace this style. It can give your home personality and character and make it feel as unique as your family.

Oranges, browns and reds are nostalgic and can create a cosy warm décor. Pair with real wood furniture, natural fibre carpets, rugs, and rattan furniture. Use throws and cushions; don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colours to create an ambience.

Geometric accessories

Bathrooms and kitchens lend themselves to geometric patterns. Use this trend in towels, tea towels, tiles, crockery and glass wear and accessories. Tiles are a great way to inject a trend into a room without carrying out a complete renovation. Choose subtle geometric shapes and patterns that make a statement in calming, soft colours.

Metallic copper

Copper tones in wallpaper, lighting, accessories and furniture are a trend that looks like they are here to stay. It gives any décor an abundant element with a warehouse/loft vibe. Pair with black metal, dark charcoal walls and velvet furniture.


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