Feedback on your experience with Clyde is extremely important to us. It lets us understand our service proposition from a clients perspective and can shape the way we operate and run our business in the future - ensuring you are at the forefront of what we do. 

We'd love to hear and share your constructive feedback, please complete the form below and a selection of your testimonials or extracts from them will be published regularly.

"Proactive and responsive communication"

Ian McGowan
Letting client, Hamilton branch
April 2017

"Happy with multiple platforms and views to property."

Euan & Claire Bell
Sales client, Edinburgh branch
February 2017

"Clyde Property brought the best experience and expertise to the project. "

Gary Watt
Sales client, West End branch
February 2017

"Feel safe in their service"

Iain Opray
Letting client, Falkirk branch
January 2017

"Honest and trustworthy"

Agnes O'Farrell
Sales client, Hamilton branch
November 2016

"One of 'the' estate agents you know"

Harry MacLean
Sales client, Bearsden branch
November 2016

"I'm aware turnaround in sales and letting is good"

Evelyn Hart
Letting client, Bearsden branch
November 2016

"An impressive leading company in the residential sector"

June Gibson
Letting client, West End branch
November 2016

"Knowledge of the local market was incredible"

Donna Jamieson
Sales client, Falkirk branch
November 2016

"Just felt so comfortable with Clyde"

Catherine Curran
Letting client, Stirling branch
October 2016

"I saw how well similar properties to mine sold."

Anna Sigurdsson
Sales client, Stirling branch
October 2016

"Clyde just felt right!"

Susan Gardner
Sales client, Clarkston branch
October 2016