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When Is the Best Time to Sell?

What is the best time to sell your home? Should you sell now or wait until spring is finally instated? Is there a specific time that is most auspicious for selling your home?

The simple answer is that in today’s market, you don’t need to wait. After all, the best time to sell your property is when there is the most number of buyers actively looking to buy. At Clyde Property we believe that time is now.

Historical data has shown that there are several quiet months during the year when fewer properties are bought. During these periods there tends to be a smaller pool of buyers resulting in a less competition for property, giving buyers more bargaining power particularly with sellers who are looking for a quick sale.

These quiet months are December and January as both buyers and sellers are focused on Christmas and the poor weather can put many people off house hunting. In August many people, particularly families, are away on holiday and the market slows down again. However, in the recent months the number of buyers has by far exceeded the number of properties available on the market, so we most likely already have buyers lined up for you.

That means that there is not time like NOW to instruct an estate agent to sell your residential property.

With March fast approaching, by the time you have had your property valued, schedules prepared and taken care of anything that needs to be done to prepare your home for sale, your property will go on the market at possibly the best time of year.

Once you decide to sell, you’ll want to sell your property within 4-6 weeks. Selling a property takes a good deal of planning so it’s important that you take some time first to make sure you have your home looking its best. That doesn’t mean spending thousands of pounds renovating your home – you just need to fix the little details that could put of buyers or enable them to negotiate on the price.

By instructing your property sale now, you can ensure that you will be reaching the right buyers at the right time, and in a buoyant market.

If you have seen somewhere you would like to buy you could be settled into your new home by the summer. School admissions are another key consideration and by putting your home on the market now you could move during the summer holiday, which means minimum disruption to your children’s schooling.

If you leave it too late, and your property isn’t on the market until after this busy period, then you risk hitting the quieter summer months.

Talk to Clyde Property today about how to make the most of your home sale.


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