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20th July 2022
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Edinburgh is Time Out’s Best City in the World!

Time Out revealed its top city in the world – Edinburgh! Ranked against 52 other cities, it was lauded for being the most beautiful city on the planet beating the likes of London, Amsterdam, New York and Berlin.

The fifth annual Time Out Index looks at data from 53 cities across the world. City dwellers are asked about their life in their city including their view on restaurants, bars, theatres, art galleries, nightlife, dating, what neighbours are like and more. This gives a snapshot of the city by the people who actually live there.

Time Out also asks their panel of travel experts, editors and contributors for their view on what makes each city tick.

The data is crunched to rank the world’s greatest cities – and now lockdown restrictions have been lifted, it could be a chance to set your sights on somewhere new to explore.

Why Edinburgh?

Edinburgh was considered by Time Out’s panel of experts – and the people who live there – to be the world’s most beautiful city in the world, as well as the world’s most walkable. It appears to be a much-loved city and the perfect place for walking. The city also scored well for practical features such as walkability, good public transport and safety, as well as sustainability.

Time Out said: “Edinburgh is this year’s number one city and it’s not hard to see why: the city ranks highly across the board and comes out top as the most beautiful city in the world (according to 95% of residents) and the most walkable city (said 93%) – a perfect combination for visitors looking to explore historic landmarks, architecture and scenic hotspots on foot.

“Its dining and drinking scene is ever-evolving, with heaps of new things to do including the Port of Leith Distillery, Scotland’s first ‘vertical distillery’, about to open. It’s also a great place for a relaxing stroll through nature.”

This year, Time Out added extra weight to the places and activities that make cities great places to visit as well as to live.

The Time Out team said: “The top cities this year are places that excel at going out, including eating and drinking; art, culture and museums; and nightlife. They are places that local’s rate highly for fun and for beauty and aren’t boring, overly expensive, or overrated – according to the people who know them best.

Dave Calhoun, Chief Content Officer North America & UK at Time Out, said: “The Time Out Index 2022 combines the experiences and opinions of more than 20,000 people in hundreds of cities around the world and – for the inside scoop – we’ve also tapped into the expertise of Time Out’s global network of local editors and city experts to capture and celebrate what makes a city great right now.

“This year, we are showcasing the cities that locals, and our editors, not only love living in, but that we think everyone should be visiting. Many people will be planning their first city break in a long time, and our list of the Best Cities in the World provides the ultimate travel bucket list.”
As well as Edinburgh featuring in first place, Glasgow came in fourth!

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